One of the biggest problems we face in trying to help victims

NY taxi drivers get sex trafficking lesson

The city plans to run a training course for the drivers of taxis and private cars for hire. A video is planned to teach what to look for.New York cabbies say they understand the value of the sex trafficking law but questioned enforcement. Driver Michael Dick said: don know understand how they going to enforce it. They don even enforce the honking law which is a lot easier. are few recorded incidents of sex trafficking involving New York cabs but Dorchen Leidholdt, of Sanctuary for Families, an anti sex trafficking group, says the use of drivers is increasing in the trafficking industry.Leidholdt said it a big problem around the world. seeing drivers as an integral part of the sex trafficking industry, she said.She added: trafficking is a huge problem in New York, and FBI has identified New York City as a major destination of trafficking victims, but the victims aren only arriving at our airports, they also in our inner cities, in our rural areas. We learning more and more that the vast majority of sex trafficking victims are girls and young women, and sometimes boys, who are born here, who fall canada goose black friday new york under the control of pimpstrafficking victim clients are telling us over and over again, was under a control of a trafficker, but my trafficker was working closely with a driver, who was taking me from buyer to buyer, or picking me up from the street, when I was vulnerable and taking me to a brothel. So, they working very close together. It a big problem, actually not only here in New York city and around New York state, but around the world. We seeing drivers as an integral part of a sex trafficking industry.hoping that they canada goose down jacket uk gonna become an important arm of law enforcement, because they in a key position to identify trafficking at the very beginning. But the chief responsibility is you cannot serve as a pimp, you cannot deliberately profit from the commercial sex, sexual exploitation of another human being. That is a crime, you gonna be held accountable, you gonna lose your license, you are going to face felony level charges. groups for victims report in some places on wheels are created as drivers are employed to avoid increasing police raids on home where victims are kept.Opponents said the law unfairly targets cab drivers. One taxi driver accused the backers of practicing McCarthyism supporters of the measure also made sure the new law did not include language that would target sex workers or leave room for drivers to question women dressed in a risque manner who are believed to appear involved in illegal sexual activityA driver convicted of sexual trafficking will lose his license and face a $10,000 fine.The problem is not that the cops are providing information to the cabbies, or giving them a hotline, but that it mandatory with a typically draconian punishment.The police state can afford more police, so they are making it mandatory for citizens to be police.And our freedom dies just a little bit more with every law on the books that canada goose outlet usa requires us to something in a specfic set of situations.In 10 years, when the law isn being enforced so much, it will still be there. Ready to ensnare anyone who runs across a bad cop day. Now i am instructor in Mekele university CHS in Nursing department. i need to learn MSC IN NURSING OR PBLIC HEALTH since most of my time lost in doing research activities to solve the health problems of the country is my objective, IF I GET ACUHANCE OF FREE SCHOLAR SHIP TO COVER THE COST OF THE PROGRAM. It not asking them or taxi drivers to do the job of the police; instead, canada goose discount uk they to call the hotline (888 3737 888) to help them determine if the person might be a victim, and to report to law enforcement. One of the biggest problems we face in trying to help victims is victim identification, so it important that everyone who might encounter a potential victim know how to ID one and then know what to do to help them. In fact, I know of ordinary citizens who happened to notice something unusual that tipped them off that a person might be a victim, that resulted in getting the victim help. And we should be concerned with whether a person might be a victim regardless of whether they are foreign or American, and regardless of whether the taxi driver or anyone else who IDs them is foreign or American.July 5, 2012 at 12:40 pm ReplyAnybody found to be aiding and abetting in the trafficking of persons should be prosecuted. There are taxi drivers who are aware of what going on and are afraid to talk about it because they exposed to risk every day. They need protections, too. But, if taxi drivers agree to serve pimps and others who are trafficking these victims by providing them with means to get them around the city and evade being caught by canada goose outlet fake the police, they should be held criminally responsible, too.July 5, 2012 at 1:24 pm ReplyMy point is that slavery is much more blatant and acute than we think.So much so, it purveyors or slave masters sometimes actually speak of how many slaves (people) they own right out in public. The average person doesn have a clue as to what they talking about.The people I refer to exploit these slaves for their value and profit producing labor and their sacrifical value. Picture an auction block where slaves are put on display and sold for money. That is the atmosphere these people create with some physical variations and that is how blatant it is. :When they finish sucking everything of significance out of them they have them drink of the hemlock and them completely.These are not pimps. Here the pimps look like good guys believe it or not. These gents are legitimizing this terrible trade and have the appearance and cover of upright citizens. You would be flabbergasted if you knew their venue. The problem is that because of the increased publicity they are slowing down forcing us to be diligent and dig deeper. 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